about micah


About me

I'm Micah! I transform offers + expertise into words that make $$$. That's right. The only language I speak is cold. hard. cash. 🤑 I’ve been writing professionally for over 4 years and before that, I was working on my Bachelor of Arts in English. I got that lovely, albeit expensive, piece of paper in 2017 from Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. A few fun things about me:

  • I live in South Carolina (but serve clients all over the US)
  • I have two cute kitties, Chai and Gus, who are both named after classical composers.
  • Speaking of classical music, I am married to a professional tuba player!
  • I am writing a fiction novel and a screenplay- both of which I hope to share with the world once finished.
  • I got my Bachelor of Arts in English from Texas State University
  • I believe that anyone can learn to be a good writer.


Rest is best. Have you ever read about what your body does when it’s sleeping? To put it simply, there’s a science to how much sleep your body should get to approach the day in the best way possible. Read how it works. Researching this changed my entire outlook on rest. I love this article from the Sleep Foundation and this article from Hopkins Medicine.

It’s wrong until it’s right. This applies more to my working relationships with clients, but also...everywhere. The project is not over until it’s right. If the finished product is not aligned, well-made, quality content that makes your spine tingle a little bit...then it’s wrong. Period. And we’ll work until it’s right.

Honesty is mandatory. I don’t know how many times I have to metaphorically beat people over the head for honest feedback. Listen closely: you are not going to hurt my feelings by giving me “negative” feedback.

No lane switching. When you sign a contract, there's a level of trust you need to put into whoever you're entering that agreement with. Part of that agreement is trust. So, unless you feel like the way I’m working is drastically reducing the quality of work I’m producing, then let's lean on that trust. I want you to have the best, you know?! So, respectfully, no lane switching!

Celebrate every win. Period. Self-explanatory. Don’t wait for that big milestone to celebrate. You wrote that email today? HELL YEAH. You got a new client? LET’S PARTY. You’re worth it.

We stay trauma-informed. There’s some advice on copywriting and strategizing that is...icky. That’s the best way I can describe it. Finding pain points to throw salt in the wound instead of helping you bandage it up and sending you off with some antibacterial kind of stuff. We ain’t doing that here. We help solve problems. For all my Shondaland lovers, we wear the white hat. We’re gladiators in loungewear and house slides.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Do we need to go into this one? We respect each other up in this house. Get disrespectful and find yourself bliggity-BLOCKED. But you’re the best, so this won’t even be a problem. 😉

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