My story starts appropriately with a story. Lots of them, actually.

As a small child, I read nonstop. I read whatever I could get my hands on even if I couldn’t quite put together what was going on. As long as I can remember, I have loved words. From the way they look as my eyes scan the page to the way they sound rolling off the tongue, there has always been a strong connection for me.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Mass Communication from Texas State University. I picked up a skill set that includes: technical + creative writing, copy editing, graphic design, brand development, and social media management. You can see some of that here. In my free time, I modeled and started doing makeup. You can see some modeling here and makeup here.

I cling to stories now more than ever. It’s not only the fictional stories that I hold close, but the stories of people and their lives- their passion. I want to know the who, what, when, where, and why. So, here I am. I want to work with you. I want to hear your story, and I want to make sure that everyone else hears and understands it just the way you hope they will.