This is a Done-For-You (DFY) service where I craft copy that tells a story your ideal client is excited to be a part of. We start with a strategy session where I grab all the details of your offer and the types of clients you serve best. Then using my F.A.V.E framework, I’ll build a strategy that will act as your (and my) north star. Using that strategy, I’ll write bomb, aligned, personality-fueled copy that calls in all the right people! I’ll also share ways that you can use your brand strategy packet to help you plan future content and services.


  • 5+ original pages of website copy
  • 90-minute deep dive kick-off call
  • Brand guidelines (tone, messaging, content pillars, SEO keywords, buyer’s journey, market research summary)
  • Content quick-start guide incl. SEO best practices checklist, blog post outline template + pre-post checklist

INVESTMENT: Starting at $3,500


Not sure why your website traffic isn’t converting but aren’t ready to commit to a full overhaul? That doesn’t mean that you should be left out!

During a Convert My Copy Session, we’ll talk about your business goals and messaging, and you’ll be able to ask me specific questions. Once we’re done, I’ll write a wrap-up of actionable steps you can make to get that copy converting the way it should! This service is going away in 2022, so snag it while you can!


  • 90-minute deep-dive call incl. q&a
  • Worksheet of actionable deliverables
  • 30 days of additional support via email