Welcome to Purpose

Welcome to Purpose

Welcome to Purpose πŸ₯³

Thank you for choosing Purpose as your new blog template. Everything you need to get started is included below πŸ‘‡

Getting Started

  1. Sign up with Super and Notion if you haven't already
  2. Open the link to the Notion template provided in the downloadable PDF and duplicate it to your own Notion workspace.
  3. Create a new site using Super and use your newly created Notion page as the URL (Instructional video)
  4. Open the Settings (Gear Icon) page for your super site and click into the Code page.
  5. In the 'Head' tab, copy and paste the code below into the code box.
  6. <link href="https://joshmillgate.github.io/purpose/style.css" rel="stylesheet" />
  7. That's it! Your website should now be up and running and you should see the template styles applied in the super preview (if not, refresh the Super preview!).

Specific block combo's

  • In order to create a 'Callout section block', use a Callout block with a gray background color.
  • In order to create a 'Button', use a Callout block with the default background and make sure the text inside is a link
  • You can put a 'Button' inside a 'Callout section block' too!

Using Super navbar

Purpose is optimised for Super's navbar, use the settings below to get yours set up like the demo site:

  1. Head to your Super site settings and enter the 'Theme' page, then click Custom Navbar
  2. Navbar Type: Balanced (Works on other styles too)
  3. Links: Add your site links
  4. Logo: Set your site logo
  5. Style: Background Color: Switch to RGBA and enter: 235, 231, 229, 0.94
  6. Style: Text Color: #000000
  7. Style: Height: 94px
  8. Style: Visible on Scroll: Checked
  9. Call to Action: Background Color: #fdb38e (Or your own custom color)
  10. Call to Action: Text Color: #4F453F

Going Live Checklist

Update all the content on the Notion page
Change the links and text in the footer synced block
Add pretty links for your pages, projects, and blog posts using Super’s pretty URL settings (Instructional video)

Adding a new post

  1. Adding a new post is easy, just head to the Post database at the bottom of the homepage inside the Control Panel toggle and click 'New', be sure to use the template provided to quickly add the default date and title block for posts.
  2. Make sure to add the post heading, subheading and button text in the properties on the page. This is important for formatting, and it allows you to add bold, italic and underlined text.
  3. Make sure not to edit the order of the properties on the page
  4. If you don't want the post to appear on your site, don't check the 'Published' box.
  5. If you want to feature a post at the top on the homepage, check the 'Featured' box. (Only one post can be featured so make sure to uncheck any other posts first)

Feedback, issues and support

If you find any bugs, have suggestions for improvement or need some help with Purpose, please get in touch by emailing me at: hello@joshmillgate.co.uk

Want your own custom Super theme?

I'm taking commissions from anyone that wants their own bespoke template for Super and Notion. Get in touch! You can see more examples of my work on my website and stay in touch by following me on twitter.